Group Photo of participants and officials

By Makutu Manneh

The Defense Intelligence and Security Company of the Gambia Armed Forces in close collaboration with the British Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, have started a month’s joint training exercise.

The training avails GAF as well as soldiers in the British Army, the opportunity to share ideas and military best practices.

Participants for the month-long training consists of 130 soldiers both men and women of the GAF, and 42 British soldiers from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

During the opening ceremony which was held at the GAF Training School in Fajara on Monday 27th May 2019, all participants were seated in their full military gears.

 Major General Yakubu A. Drammeh, the Deputy Chief of Defense Staff said GAF should be proud of their profession. “I take pride to serve in Uniform,” he said. DCDS Drammeh said the profession requires professional ethics of high standards and teamwork. He advised the trainees to have an open constructive way of learning. “By so doing, you can achieve a lot,” he told them.

Omar B Bojang the Commander of GAF Training School said one of the major highpoints for the training will be the field training exercise; that the exercise will be conducted under a simulated combat condition in the field which he said, will carter for all levels of the training from team to company size. He said the exercise will bring out best practices and lessons, adding that this will be shared between the two-Armed Forces.

Major Toby Green of the British Army said they will work together as one Company to achieve good things and a good training. “I will rely on all of you to work together,” he urged them.

Lieutenant J.A. Roberts Reme, a trainee from the British Army, said he is joyful to have the opportunity to work with GAF. “Looking forward to work closely with GAF even at the lowest level,” he said.

Lieutenant Ousman Jassey a trainee from GAF, said the training is quite amazing and is an opportunity to be part of such training. “It is a rare opportunity to be part of such training,” he said.

He said the expectation is high and expresses the hope that they will have a successful training by learning from each other.

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