The Ministry of Justice yesterday issued a statement inviting all those who have received notices of adverse findings from the Janneh Commission to report to their office.

The affected individuals are to contact Solicitor General or the Attorney General at the Ministry of Justice in person or through authorized third parties between the 3rd and 8th of June 2019.

The statement suggests that the report of this commission is still being reviewed and that those affected are being invited on piecemeal basis. It states: “While the Government continues to review the Commission’s voluminous report, the Attorney General wishes to invite all those who have received notices of adverse findings from the Commission”

The statement recalls that, “following the conclusion of the work of the Commission of Inquiry into the financial activities of public bodies, enterprises and offices regarding their dealings with former President Yahya Jammeh, a number of adverse findings have been made by the Commission against certain individuals and Companies who have been notified of these adverse findings.”

Efforts were made to have the list of those involved from the Ministry, but to no avail. When contacted, a staff from the Ministry said those involved might have already been informed.

The Commission of Inquiry was set up by an act of parliament under the Barrow administration to investigate the financial dealings of his predecessor Yahya Jammeh and his close associates, from July 1994 to January 2017, which is said to have found former President Jammeh liable for over a billion dalasi in Gambian currency, over three-hundred and four million Dollars; over 29 million Euros, and over 2 million Pounds Sterling.

It is almost two months since the Commission’s report was submitted on Friday March 29th2019, to President Barrow.

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