By Sulayman Bah

Lac 2 Guier II has been declared winner in his controversial bout with Boy Niang II.

CNG, the committee overseeing Senegalese wrestling, yesterday ruled in favour of Lac2 upon reviewing various angles of the fight.

The combat occurred two weeks ago with the referee issuing a stalemate declaration to both wrestlers after no winner failed to emerge, according to his assessment.

The decision left many somewhat shocked and livid amid protest from both sides of the spectrum.

Lac2 claimed victory on grounds his adversary went on all fours in the final minutes of the protracted clash.

Boy Niang had taken initiative to impose himself on Lac after growing apparently livid over his adversary’s unprepossessing tactics, grabbing the Guediawaye-based wrestler and attempting to turn him inside out.

In the process of balancing him, Lac 2 reacted tucking his leg somewhat as the pair went crashing in the sands.

 Various replays  of the duel saw Boy Niang appearing to commit a technical foul –going on all ‘fours’ –which in Senegal’s wrestling parlance translates as a victory.

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