The Ministry of Lands and Regional Government has taken a step closer to regulate estate agencies and property developers in the Gambia.
In a press release, the Ministry calls on these institutions to submit five documents on or before the end of September 2019; that these documents are Alkalo’s and/or official transfer; approved land use report; certificate of occupancy; approved layout plan and title deed and/or assignment.
The Ministry further warns the said institutions and persons involved in land use to desist from failing to adhere to their call; that this might result in the closure of non-compliant agencies or institutions; that they are all expected to submit the above-mentioned documents to the Ministry.
The release concludes: “We solicit your support and cooperation in realising our collective and ultimate objective which is effective and efficient land administration leading to customer satisfaction and protection.”
Many Land disputes between Estate Agencies, proper developers and the people and institutions have been registered over the years. The most recent one was reported in May 2019 when the Gambia Tourism Board accused some estate agencies of encroaching into Tourism Development Area (TDA); that part of the said land area that was reported, was already sold to individuals before the GT Board’s intervention. Many believe that Government should ensure that they prioritise land issues in their agenda to ensure its regulation in the interest of the country.

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