Dear editor,

Mortality has ever being a Constant since the beginning of life. We see death. We live through death. We lose to death. But somehow, we manage to build a facade, aspire and dream big and go on with with business as usual believing that it’s always going to be someone’s turn. Just not you. As for you, death will knock at your door someday but not for now. Not until you outlive your goals and achieve your aspirations. We are talking about several decades of longevity and strength and prosperity before the old age and its underlying physiological and anatomical deteriorations give you the wake up call. Until then, life, from your vantage point, is viewed from a linear perspective.

But Covid-19 or Corona Virus is a reminder that life is not all linear after all. The infection brings with it deaths, pain, contagion and economic ruins at a rate and speed seldom seeing (if ever) at any time in modern history. Although it affects some group of people more than the others the but fact that it can strike with scourging precision and bring down anyone in every demographic, social and economic status makes Corana virus one hell of a scary experience.

So, as the world continues to spiral into darkness and an unsettling uncertainty in which this particular virus strain make the rules and determines who to afflict or spare or who to die and who to survive, let us pause for a moment to appreciate the gift of life, recognize its frailty and showcase the best examples humanity has to offer. As I have argued before, this is a moment show love, appreciation and support to each other and engage in anything that uplifts and strengthens human spirit, capacity and welfare. Let us be there for each other in our homes, within our families, our communities and at our work places

Zakaria KemoKonteh
Queens, USA

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