Dear editor,

I wrote that Saudi Arabia is not the headquarters of the Islamic world. And that must have been a strange write-up for some Muslims.
But I was not challenged by Muslims who have common sense but rather by snowflakes who wanted Saudi Arabia be seen as the leadership of the Islamic world so that they can use that as the standard to gauge Islam.

It’s the enemies of Islam who want to make Muslims believe that Saudi Arabia is the leadership of the Islamic world.Saudi Arabia is not the leadership of the Islamic world.If Saudi Arabia is the leadership of the Islamic world who then is the amir of the Muslims?Wahhabi one dimensional interpretation of Islam?Clearly not!

Yes Mecca and Madina are the two holiest sites in Islam and are located in what is today called Saudi Arabia but that doesn’t mean that Saudi Arabia today is the headquarters of Islam.Islam is different from the Christianity of the Pope and the Vatican inasmuch as the non-Muslims and some idiotic Muslims want Islam be equated with other made-up religions.

If you don’t understand, ask and don’t assume.Saudi Arabia is not the leadership of the Islamic world and “Wahhabi Islam” whatever that means is a deliberate attempt to impose the Royal House of Saud as the leadership of the Islamic world.

The IOC is another organisation and movement to present the leadership of Saudi Arabia as leaders of the Muslim world. And the non-Muslims like it that way so that they can compare their “religion” to Islam and their leadership to the leadership of Saudi Arabia.You don’t have to be a Muslim to know that Saudi Arabia is not the leadership of the Islamic world.And the Saudis know that very well.

I don’t write what I know to be the truth seeking to convince anyone.I’m not a politician seeking to win your votes.I write to share with others and interact with anyone who has the capacity to talk to.

The misconceptions around Islam and the many uninformed comments about Muslims are simply out of ignorance and stupidity.I find it gulling that people who claimed to be educated are the most ignorant and stupid.

And it’s the same ignorance and stupidity with regards to our politics.
You look at the quality of our national political discourse and the kind of things we talk about from the people who claimed to be educated, you are like these people don’t have a clue what is democratic politics and how does democratic politics work.
Our approach to how to develop our national economy is even more ignorant and stupid.It’s like the blind trying to lead the deaf.You won’t go far and no wonder we’ve not gotten far.

The colliery is the same with how those who don’t understand much about democratic politics wrongly thinking that it’s the lawyers who should govern the country.Who voted for the lawyers to exercise political authority over them?
In a democracy, political decisions are different from legal decisions.
At the end of the day, we must make our National Assembly the seat of political power in our democracy.And we must fight political battles in parliament and not on the streets.
If you don’t understand that, be prepared to go to prison over nothing.

Yuspha ‘Major’ Bojang

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