From Right: Dr Li Jiamini

By: Kebba AF Touray

Dr Li Jianmin, a Chinese Radiologist working at the country’s’ main referral hospital, EFSTH, said local doctors need to be trained to meet the country’s health care delivery goals.

Dr Li made these remarks in an interview with this reporter, yesterday January 23rd 2019, on the occasion of the official launching of “Brightness Journey” Project.

The Chinese Radiologist expressed optimism that the training his country is offering the Gambia, will go down a long way in building the capacities of the local doctors.

Li said the Peoples’ Republic of China has dispatched medical teams in sixty-six countries mostly in Africa. He said the first Chinese medical aid team was sent to Algeria in April 1963 and China still continues to dispatch medical teams to developing countries for the past 52 years.

Dr Li disclosed that their medical teams are faced with challenges but with determination, they are excelling in their domains. “Our medical teams have devoted themselves to promoting friendly relations between China and her partners in developing countries, through rendering health care delivery to citizens in these states,” he said. He described the Gambia as a peaceful country that is working towards improving the lives of her people, and thanked Gambians for the hospitality accorded them since they came into the country in June 2018. Dr Li said this is helping them greatly in making their mission a success.

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