By Momodou Jarju

The National Assembly Select Committee of Regional Government and Lands, Ombudsman and IEC headed by Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi yesterday adopted the activity reports and financial statements of Kuntaur Area Council (KAC) for the period ended 2015 and 2016.

Moving the motion for the adoption after the members debated on the reports, Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi, the chairperson of the committee drew the attention of the KAC management to some key considerations and recommendations for them to improve on.

He said it is unacceptable to understate projection of figures. KAC management in their activity report stated that their projection of revenue base for the year under review was D3,000,000 when actually it was less than D7, 000,000.

“The projection of your revenue which was at three million dalasi… was a serious understatement. So we will want you to take note that projections don’t usually means giving us the actual figure but it’s also unacceptable to understate,” he said.

The Foni Kansala deputy said their activity reports should always come after the audit report of the financial statement is done and given to them so that it does not clash.

He added: “It is also important that your activity report is timely written to allow auditors when on the ground to use it as a reference material…. So please improve on how you prepare your activity report or your timely in preparing your activity report.”

Hon. Nyassi further said it is fundamental that BAC comply with Gambia Public Procurement Authority (GPPA) which they cannot be compromise.

GPPA stated that KAC has not submitted its 2015 and 2016 procurement plan and monthly reports to GPPA for scrutiny for the period under review as required by section 29 of the 2014 Public Procurement Act.

KAC has also bought materials for construction to vendors or suppliers who have not registered to GPPA as required by law.

“We have said it here that you engage GPPA to have training with your potential vendors. If you feel you need the service of GPPA they are available,” Hon. Nyassi said.

The CEO of KAC, Pa Nfansu Darboe  said that issue is now history, acknowledging that they made mistakes and promised to adhere to the recommendations of the select committee.

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