By Alagie Manneh

A political commentator and human rights activist has accused the UDP and its leader of being one of the “leading perpetrators” of the plot to betray the 2016 Coalition’s three years agreement.

Madi Jobarteh who heads the Westminster Foundation, said “[UDP leader, Ousainu] Darboe should have stood by his words. Political decency requires that both Darboe and Barrow and all the coalition leaders stand on that position that he [Barrow] should serve three years. But it’s sad to know that actually, Darboe himself and the UDP who are the greatest beneficiaries of this change, became one of the leading perpetrators of this betrayal by supporting Barrow to stand for five years, until such a time when they themselves fell out with him,” Madi told the online Gambia Talent TV last Friday.

He said the actions of the UDP and its leader, could be harmful to the party’s aspirations.
“That is one of the reasons we have the problem that we have right now. I hope Darboe himself and all the other political party leaders realised that if there is any time for them to demonstrate leadership, it is now. I think the greatest shortcoming our country is facing now is leadership deficiency.

The way and manner the entire governance of the country is conducted, is far below standard and that is the reason why there is so much sectarianism, tribalism and personality politics,” he observed.

The former radio journalistadded that the country has no direction and if the trend continues, it could lead to“serious” trouble.

“The fact that the APRC can continue to celebrate Jammeh, even to hold a rally in the middle of The Gambia to demand not just the return of Jammeh but to even mock and ridicule victims and deny the atrocities committed by that regime, is a worrying national security threat,” he fumed.

Commenting further, Jobarteh said:“Politics of deception, lies, or a leadership that betrays its own commitments, its own agreements, is a threat to democracy, a threat to good governance, a threat to our human rights. So to sum it up, the Barrow government should respect three years and resign,” he added.

Madi also questioned the state of respect for the rule of law under Barrow, complaining that people are being “tortured now” in the country.
“I think even now Gambians are being tortured. I believe it is happening,” he alleged.

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