From 2015 to until last year, there was much talk about the rise of Gambian actress, Mariama Touray. Entertainment magazines billed her to take over the Gambian queen of Nollywood from… sassy Princess Shyngle. But after her praised performances in the Candy Crush series, it seems she has gone all quiet. One Nigerian entertainment blogger wrote this about her last year: “Upcoming Gambian actress, Mariama Touray has said that joining the ever-growing Nollywood movie industry is a dream come true for her. Mariama emphasised that all through her struggles in getting quality education in the midst of daunting challenges, she prayed and prayed that God should make her a great and worthy ambassador of her country of birth: Gambia, where ever she may settle in the years to come.

Mariama who recently shared pictures from her star photo shoot, said she hopes to give all her best into acting and asked that she is open to featuring in diverse roles in other to break the older pattern where actors and actresses play the same role in different movies to the detriment of being able to exhibit their utmost potentials.”

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