Abdoulie J. Darboe of Jarra Pakaliba

By Yankuba Jallow

Abdoulie J. Darboe of Jarra Pakaliba has on Tuesday the 26th February 2019 given testimony before the TRRC about the mass killing of soldiers by the AFPRC members and their soldiers in the alleged 11th November 1994 alleged coup d’état.

He said he was born on the 21st June 1968 in Jarra Pakaliba and joined the Gambia National Army on the 25th August 1991. He told the Commission that he was not aware of the November 11 attempted coup. He inferred that the coup was not planned because the soldiers who were allegedly involved were the brains of the GNA and that there was no way that they could have failed.

He said Alagie Kanyi who is currently a divisional immigration commissioner was the one who shot Lieutenant Basirou Barrow and ‘Dot Faal’ on their foreheads who were lying on a truck.

He said Sanna Sabally asked him to carry the dead body of Lieutenant Basirou Barrow from the truck to the Guard Room in the Yundum Barracks. He said thereafter, Sabally threatened to execute him if he does not produce the document that he saw in his possession. He added that he told Sabally that he had no document in his possession.

He said afterward, Sabally ordered RSM Papu Gomez who is now a Lieutenant General in the GAF to bring a pickaxe and a spade and dig a ditch. He said Sabally told him that he will be buried alive although he was not buried. He said Sabally left after receiving a call, and he was detained alongside Private Mafuji Sonko. He said some soldiers were also brought into the cell where he was detained as a detainee.

He said Sanna Sabally later came for Gibril Saye, Cadet Sillah, and other soldiers and took them away. He said they later came back and he heard Alagie Kanyi uttering the following words: “today I have bastard people”.

“I saw Alagie Kanyi washed his hands at a tap because they were stained with blood,” he said.

Whilst under detention, he said he heard a soldier crying saying ‘EM Ceesay, EM Ceesay, EM Ceesay’ who was also killed during the execution. He named Sergeant Seedy Marong, Warrant Officer Class 2 Trawally, Private Kairaba Trawally, Corporal Mballow Saidy, Couporal Abdoulie Jallow, Corporal Yaya Dampha, Private Baba Manneh, and Lance Corporal Modou Njie, who was bleeding heavily.

He said Lance Corporal Njie told him that he was shot by Peter Singhatey. He added that after two to three weeks, he was transferred to Mile II and released in March 1996. He said after his release, he was dismissed from the GNA and paid his outstanding salary.

He said when Sabally and Sadibou Hydara were brought to Mile II as detainees, Alagie Martin tortured them.

His Recommendation

He recommended the politicians should not interfere in the army and the security sector should be reformed. He opined that the Commission should recommend for proper regimentation in the army. He called on the government to consider the security sector as very important.

Sittings continue today.

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