Ndey Awa Ceeay of Wellingara Village

By Madi S. Njie          

 Ndey Awa Ceeay of Wellingara Village, in the Kombo North District of the West Coast Region, who has been engaged in home based Moringa processing and marketing, has called for partnership to expand her business and to improve health conditions of people in the country.

Mrs Ceesay said she processes Moringa leaves and seeds for tea, oil and other medicinal related usages. She said Moringa which is locally known in most local languages as ‘Nebedaye’, is said to be able to cure over 300 diseases; that Moringa raw products are processed into various finish products such as powdered tea packages and oil.

In a recent interview at her residence where she has her workshop, Mrs Ceesay said she collects Moringa leaves, dry them and process them into powder, using a milling machine; that Moringa oil is good for external skin diseases, and the leaves are processed into tea bags. She said Moringa products include soap, capsules, tea bags, and oil among others. Mrs Ceesay said she processes groundnut and cashew cakes with coconut, for diabetics.

Mrs Ceesay said she after observing the deplorable health status of people in the country, she decided to venture into Moringa processing as an alternative means of treatment for various ailments, and as a gainful employment for anyone who want to venture in the business. “Treatment takes time, and with some illnesses, it takes time before they are cured. But some people expect to have immediate recovery after taking medicines. I was into different things, but later decided to specialize on Moringa Processing, which is a promising enterprise,” she said.

She called for partnership and support to expand her business, and urged Gambian entrepreneurs to specialize in a particular area, to enable them excel in their business ventures.

She call on Gambians to work together as one. “One person cannot develop the country. We need to work together for the development of The Gambia,” Mrs Ceesay concludes.

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