Musa Batchilly the Secretary-General of Gambia Action Party (GAP) on Monday told journalists he has paid Dr. Mariama Joof the sum of one hundred thousand dalasis, and he will pay the remainder of the loan.

 He did not, however, disclose the balance he has to pay her.

He remarked: “The police are not in search of me I was at the Kanifing magistrate court of the 27th September and I was not arrested.”

The GAP Secretary-General said he is a progressive businessman and will take loan if the need arises.

He said his daughter was sick and he facilitated her trip to go for overseas treatment in India and that was what delayed the payment of the balance left.

Batchilly said he believes in facts and not rumours, adding that if Gambian were to be screen, then we will not have a leader.

“As an individual, you must have people who will criticize you and the more you have critics the more you live long,” he said.

He said the Gambia Action party is the youngest political party in the country and therefore he is not bothered with people using social media to say anything about him and the party.

“As a man who is trying to become a leader and transform the nation, you must have people who hate you,” he said.

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