There was no TRRC sitting yesterday Tuesday January 29th, and there will be no sitting today Wednesday January 30th as well. We are still not sure if there will be any sitting on Thursday, January 31 either for reasons beyond our control. January 31 marks the end of the Commission’s first session on the July 22nd, 1994 coup. The second session of hearings focused on the November 11, 1994 incident will begin on Monday, February 11 and end on Thursday, February 28. The interim period between February 1 and February 10 will be devoted to committee meetings, outreach activities, and other important work that cannot be done when the Commission is sitting.

At this time, all persons who were victims of human rights violations associated with the November 11 incident are encouraged to please come to the TRRC headquarters at Dunes Resort or call any of the following numbers to give their statements: 9348929 / 2949170 / 2590391 / 5086200. Victims and witnesses traveling from the regions to give statements or testify, will receive modest reimbursements. Relatives of all who lost their lives or disappeared as a result of the November 11 incident, are kindly encouraged to come forward and help us get to the truth of what happened, when hearings resume on February 11th 2019.

A more detailed media advisory will be issued within the next day or two.

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