Some Central Committee members and PDOIS candidates

By Yankuba Jallow
Inspiring the Congress, the head of PDOIS Women’s Bureau and Children Affairs explained what had kept them motivated to warrant the sale of compounds and assets to contribute to the founding of PDOIS as a party to liberate the country from poverty and impunity.
She remarked: “We told ourselves, ‘If you cut our hands we will still hold on, if you cut our feet we will still march on; if you cut our lips we will still speak out! No turning back! No turning back!”
Amie Sillah-Sarr said the country has everything that it needs to develop including natural and human resources.
“The Gambia has everything and no one should come and fool us that the Gambia is poor,” she said.
She added that the party has been telling the people that The Gambia is not a poor country and this has been revealed in the ongoing Commissions.
“The Gambia has money, what we have lacked over the years is the right type of leadership. Gambians should know that we are sovereign and we should know ourselves and know the world then we shall be the architects of our own destiny,” she said.
She said PDOIS is the “truth and light”. She argued that socialism is giving the people what belongs to them.

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