By:Kebba AF Touray
President Barrow has on Saturday 15th November 2018, laid the foundation stone of the China Aid Road and Bridges Construction in URR. The multimillion dollar project is meant to address the movement constraints of the residents as well to contribute to socio economic development of the region.
The event was attended by the Vice President, Cabinet Ministers, Speaker and Members of the National Assembly, Foreign diplomats, media, security officials and a cross section of society.
Fatou Bojang Samateh, Governor URR, said the project came as a result of a concessional agreement between Banjul and Beijing and the total length of the roads and bridges is 50.8 km.
She explicated that the objective is to facilitate communication and transportation of goods and services as it is key in the promotion and improvement of the socio economic development in the area and further solidify the bilateral relations between the two states.
Mr. Bai Lamin Jobe, Works and Construction Minister said the project will be implemented in a period of 32 months in the tune of US$81 million and assured that those affected will be compensated. He called on the youth folk of URR to take ownership of the project, adding that it’s their agreement with the Chinese constructing team to hire youth in the region in the execution of the project.
President Barrow said the project marks a significant milestone in the development of the region and the country at large, noting that the region has for long suffered lack of good communication network. He disclosed that he is aware of the communication constraints faced by the residents for the past two decades, but assured that the project will put such into history.
He reiterated that the region  has been isolated in the past due to lack of road networks, but when completed the project will provide vital access and connectivity  for the communities and the sub region, especially Senegal,  and will promote agriculture, movement of goods, services and people as they are bound to trigger economic growth.

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