Director of Press


President Barrow has told the Ministry of Trade to engage in dialogue with Bakers in order to solve the long standing bread saga.

At the first 2019 Press conference convened by Amie Bojang Sissoho Director of Press and Public Relation, Office of the President, she told Journalist that the President is aware of the current bread crisis, and has called on the Ministry of Trade to engage Bakers in order to resolve the problem.

She also said that the President has also urged bakers to consult government prior to raising prices of bread.

She noted that the President has said that the price of Flour has not increased since last year and that enough flour is available in the country.

Among the host of issues discussed the President urged Gambians to invest in the bread trade.

It is more than 6 days now since the scarcity of bread ‘Senfour’ started, due to the increase in prices, and that a lot of bakers within the greater Banjul area went on strike. This has negatively impacted on the lives of people. People struggle to get bread, most of who rely wholly on bread for their business that serves as a source of livelihood to them and their families.

Bakers are pointing fingers on Bikers, and bikers deny being responsible for the increase of prices, and that is the bakers that are responsible.

Report has confirmed that the Ministry of Trade had held a closed door meeting and has not given the press the access to the conclusion of the Meeting.

Among issues discussed the Director of Press also told Journalist Government has received almost all the grant pledges at the EU donor conference towards supporting the National Development, but the overall total wasn’t disclosed by the Press Director.

The Director of Press also announced the signing of 22.2 million US dollars between the government and India for urban water supply project. She noted that the project is ongoing currently.

Madam Sissoho also said the President has urged people not to take the law into their hands with regard to land dispute cases. She said people are urged to be patient for the outcome of the cases that are undergoing trial. She also stated that communal land disputes should be channelled through the land commission for redress, among other issues unveiled by the Director of Press.

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