Graduates with their certificates

By Ndey Sowe
Professional Taekwondo School in the Gambia, has graduated students to the Promotion Rank that will qualify them to the next belt levels.
The event was held on the 22nd of December 2018, at the premises of the School in Fajara. About 40 students were tested and promoted to the ranks of the Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, as well as the Purple Belts.
According to officials, Professional Taekwondo Gambia is an upscale Taekwondo School that opened its doors to the public since Saturday August 26th 2017; that since the launch, they have registered over 200 students comprising women, men, adults and children.
In an interview with this reporter, Fernando Abaga Edjang, General manager of the school, said this was the first rank promotion test organized by the school to allow students to move to the next level of their training. He added that discipline is important in all aspects of life. He pointed out that students should have a high level of respect to achieve their goals and to be good successors in their future careers.
He highlighted the mode of training and the running of the institution as challenging, compared to the cost of rent and fee for intakes, which he said is not profitable. He noted that the school charges D900 per person per month. He said the mode of training is punching, pushing, self-defense technique using the hand, just to name a few.
He urged students to be committed, disciplined, and work hard, and be determined in everything they do.
He encouraged people to come forward and have Taekwondo training especially women and girls. He said Taekwondo is for everybody.
Assan Bah a green belt holder expressed his happiness and honor to be upgraded; that this was his eighteenth month of training.
“My target is to be a professional in taekwondo one day,” he told this reporter.
He thank all those who made the day a memory one including parent, wives, husbands, and their children, for allowing them to be trained.

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