The Public Service Commission (PSC) has presented its 2015 / 2016 activity report and financial statements to the National Assembly’s Public Enterprise Committee (PEC), which shows the appointment of 4, 830 persons into civil service in 2015.

The Chairperson of the PSC Lamin Samateh, made the presentation on Thursday February 21st February 2019. Samateh said in 2015, the Commission approved 38 acting appointments for civil servants.

“In 2015, 1,217 confirmations were approved by the Commission. The Commission approved 1,552 promotions of civil servants, recommended by their heads of departments on the basis of merit and ability,” he said.

He disclosed that there were 32 volunteer retirements approved in respect of civil servants by the Commission; that the voluntary retirement age moved from 45 years.

“Six months of notice or payment or six months’ salary in lieu of notice, is required of any civil servant who wants to retire on a voluntary basis. If an officer is fifty years and above, he or she can give one month notice or pay one month salary in lieu of notice, in accordance with the Pension’s Act.”

On statutory retirement which is 60 years in the Gambia civil service, Samateh said in 2015, ninety eight civil servants retired on that basis, while the Commission approved five applications from civil servants who retired on marriage grounds in the same year. He said such condition applies to only female staff.

“The Commission approves study leave either with or without salary to civil servants who wish to proceed on studies, in accordance with the provision of the General Orders. In 2015, 224 study leaves on behalf of civil servants, were approved by the Commission,” he said; that the Commission has also approved 43 secondment for civil servants for year 2015. He said 33 resignations were approved, 40 dismissals for committing various offences, and that seven civil servants had their services terminated.

On contract appointments:

“In the year 2015, the Commission approved 181 contract appointments on behalf of civil servants,” he said; that in 2016, 4,192 civil servants were appointed to permanent and pensionable positions while 32 acting appointments were approved by the Commission. “The Commission approved 1, 471 confirmation in appointments, in 2016.”

He said the Commission also approved 2, 259 promotions in respect of civil servants in various Ministries and departments; that there were 30 voluntary retirements while 147 were retired on statutory basis.

“In 2016, four civil servants retired on marriage grounds. The Commission approved 270 applications for study leave with salaries and three applications for study leave without salary. The Commission dismissed only one person for misconduct. The Commission approved the termination of 13 civil servants,” the report ended.

Law makers adjourn the review of the report.

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