By Fatoumatta K Jallow

Public Utilities and Regulatory Authority (PURA), on Wednesday December 19th 2018, handed over reagents and equipment to the Department of Water Resources (DWR).

This came in the wake of Water Resources’ request for their Abuko laboratory to carry out independent water quality sampling and analysis for them.

The equipment which was handed over to DWR at the PURA head office, include chemical reagents at a cost of over D250, 000; eight executive chairs and brand-new printer with cartridges to last over one year.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ansumana Sanneh, Director General, said PURA Act 2001 mandates his institution to regulate public services which includes telecommunications, electricity, petroleum, water and sewage; that the presentation is a fulfilment towards such a mandate.

“Over the past ten years, PURA has invested over D1.5 million, as obligations under the MoU,” he expressed. He said every quarter since 2009, the DWR has consistently collected samples from 85 points and tested them in line with WHO standards.

Bamba Banja, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources, said water is a very important natural resource; that water that meets the requirements in terms of health and safety, is what is required; that it is our collective responsibility to be able to achieve a common goal since the DWR cannot do it all. He informed the gathering that they have already prepared a new bill, and that by 2019, the bill will go through due process.  

Lamin Mai Touray, Director of Water Resources, said as a department, one of their co-function is to ensure that the nation’s water quality is safe for use.

He said, “The donated equipment will go a long way in helping the department to carry out its functions in ensuring the safety of the quality of water for consumption.”

Nani Juwara Deputy Director of NAWEC, said NAWCE has significantly benefited from the Lab equipment since they signed the MOU.

He said they do not comprise quality because as service providers, quality is important and paramount; that NAWEC is committed to serve people with portable water.

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