By Zainab Sesay

The Rotary Club of Brusubi in partnership with the Cleveland Rotary Club in the UK over the weekend donated half-a-million dalasis worth of furniture to the Charles Jow Memorial School at Bundung. Speaking at the event,OlimatuTaal,chairperson of the public relations committee, said this is their second annual container donation to different schools in The Gambia.

She said last year they donated to Jabang school and this year through the Ministry of Education, they chose to bring this container of furniture to Charles Jow Memorial School.
Fatou Gassama, the president of the Rotary Club of Brusubi saidin 2018,the members of the Rotary Club of Cleveland approached them to collaborate on a project to provide furniture to schools in The Gambia resulting in the yearly supply of a container of furniture to different schools.

According to Ms Taal, the Rotary Club of Brusubi focuses on peace and conflict resolution,prevention, disease prevention, malaria campaigns, water and sanitation, mortality and child health, basic education and economic development.
Isa Sow, the chairman of the board of governors of Charles Jow Memorial School stated that the school is expanding rapidly annually.

“When we talk about access to education,it is not only about infrastructure but about quality teaching and learning materials, and one of the fundamental elements is furniture,” he noted.

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