By Amadou Jadama in NBR

Momodou Sabally, a former minister and secretary general who now supports the United Democratic Party, has said only the UDP and its leader Ousainu Darboe can rescue Gambians from the ‘mafia government’ of President Adama Barrow.

Speaking as part of the UDP women wing’s current tour of the country, Sabally told a huge gathering in Baddibu-No-Kunda that contrary to some people’s claims, President Barrow’s journey to the presidency was only possible through the UDP and not his individual effort.
”So if anyone comes here beating his chest saying he is the one who sent the lion packing, do not be fooled by him. It was men and women, in particular of the UDP who galvanised support around the sacrifices of people like Ousainu Darboe that made it possible. No one knew Adama Barrow too well even within the UDP,” Sabally said.

He further disclosed that when Darboe and his colleagues were in prison, Aji Yam Secka, Aji Yamu Ndaw Yarbo and other women came out to show to the whole world that Darboe and company must be released.

“These UDP women are the true heroines of the change and they are the ones who killed the lion, and not anybody else pounding his chest in self-aggrandizement,” Sabbaly told the people of Baddibu.

Sabally added that there is still an unfinished business because Gambians have not chosen their choice yet. “That will happen in 2021 election and it will be Ousainu Darboe,” he said.
He added that people must be aware of the Barrow regime’s recent borrowing in the name of youth and women development projects. ”This project can better be called vote-buying project. They want to use that money to buy people’s vote but that scheme is already known and it will fail. If they give you money, take it and keep your vote for your right choice,” he advised the people of Baddibu.

Aji Yam Secka, the deputy party leader urged Gambians to stop hypocrisy because that is what plunged the country into the current mess. She said no smear campaign against the UDP and Darboe will work no matter how much money opponents want to use.
“They will only succeed in destroying themselves and not UDP or Darboe,” she said.”I want to tell President Barrow that God willing his government’s life span is only five years,” she said.

Meanwhile at the same meeting, a number of youths appeared, declaring that they have quit President Barrow’s NPP to join the UDP.

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