GAF PRO Major Lamin K. Sanyang

By Mustapha Jallow
Captain Malick Boye, who was alleged of being a former ‘Jungler’ of the regime of former President Yaya Jammeh, has been released and reinstated back to the Army, military sources informed this reporter on Tuesday.
According to the source, Captain Malick Boye spent months in detention without Court appearance before his release. “Yes, he is back at work and investigators have found that there is no evidence linked to him,” the source said.
GAF spokesperson Major Lamin K. Sanyang, confirmed the reinstatement of Captain Boye. Major Sanyang said investigations have been completed, and there is no evidence linking him to atrocities committed by the said group, and has been cleared. He said Captain Boye was also allowed access to loved ones during his detention.
It could be recalled that Captain Malick Boye was on Friday 2nd March 2018, picked up at the Basse military camp and subsequently transported to Yundum Barracks, where he languished in detention without appearing before Court for trial.
The arrest of Captain Malick Boye, comes in the wake of allegations that the soldier participated in crimes under the former regime of ex-President Jammeh. But this allegation was vehemently denied by his close relatives.

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