By Makutu Manneh

General Yankuba Drammeh, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff of Gambia Armed Forces while addressing promoted soldiers, told them that soldiers should not be involved in politics.

He said they should instead leave the politicians to do their job because that is not their role. He underscored the importance of being loyal to the Gambian Constitution.

The Gambia Armed Forces promoted 30 soldiers to various ranks and the decoration was held on Tuesday 21st May 2019, at the Army Headquarters in Banjul.

The promotion Ranks range from Private soldier to lance corporal, lance corporal to Sergeant, Sergeant to Staff Sergeant, Staff Sergeant to Warrant Officer which was the most senior rank amongst them.

General Drammeh said promotion in the military should always be an annual event to deserving officers and soldiers who excel in their performances.

He advised the elevated soldiers that promotion is in recognition of hard work, delegation to duty, integrity, selfless service, diligence and loyalty which the soldiers must fulfill.

“To whom much is given much is accepted”, he cited.

He said security should be the concern of each and every soldier because security should be their prime responsibility.

“Our prime functions as the member of the Armed forces are to protect and defense territorial integrity”, he remarked.

Malick Sanyang the Deputy PRO of Gambia Armed forces said the decoration is for soldiers serving at Defense Headquarters.

He said the criteria for promotion is based on discipline, delegation to duty, professionalism in work and also the amount of years the soldier stayed in a particular rank.

“The higher you go in ranks the more challenging the responsibilities”, he said.

Alasan Sanyang the most senior among those decorated spoke on behalf of the rest, said  he and the promoted soldiers are honoured to be promoted.

“This is another challenge for us as we are elevated, we have new responsibilities,” he said.

He said they promised to carry out their responsibilities and the task effectively and efficiently with professionalism at all times.

Aminata Keita who was promoted from lance corporal to sergeant said she is very happy and proud of herself.

“I express my gratitude to the entire Defense Headquarters” she said.

Muhammed Sillah who is promoted from sergeant to staff sergeant, said he has been given an additional responsibility and he appreciated it. “I’m very happy to be part of those promoted”, Mr. Sillah said.

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