By Kebba Touray 

Alagie Kebbeh’s goal for Masina FC secured his team’s qualification for the semi-finals of the ongoing Sutukoba Nawettan.

Kebbeh helped his club secure qualification in their match with Jamjam FC. Sutukoba is a community in the Wuli East District of the Upper River Region. During the match, Kununa Trawalky came close to scoring.

In another match, Kunkujang FC also suffered a 2-0 defeat in the hands of Konko-Duma FC with goals from ‘Musa Mbappe’ Saho and Kabba Jabbi.

In the semi-finals, Kukujang FC will play Jamjam FC and in the other match, Konko-Duma FC will play Masina FC.

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