Amie Sillah (left) and Sidia Jatta (right)

By Yankuba Jallow
Sidia S. Jatta, the National Assembly member for Wulil West and Chairperson of PDOIS has said that the PDOIS Congress is the beginningof a new beginning because it is where discussion on how to chart destiny of the Gambia is being made.
Honourable Jatta was speaking before a large number of delegates in Ngayen Sanjal at a PDOIS Congress held on Saturday 29 December 2018.
“When we started this party, the task to which we committed ourselves is to lay lasting foundation for a party that will become a fundamental instrument for the transformation of this country,” he said.
“The message of PDOIS since the establishment to date has beenconsistent,” he further said. He tasked the delegates and invitees to disseminate the messages of the Congress with efficiency and consistency to the people.
Jatta said unemployment and poverty remain and are still amplifying. He added that farmers still cry for a better life. Jatta stated that the price for the farm produce declared by the government cannot reduce the poverty of farmers in the country.
He said we are still in a nation of beggars. Begging, he said is a fundamental contributor to poverty.
“Begging will never change any body’s poverty. In fact, begging is a fundamental contributor to poverty. It is neither good for the giver nor the receiver,” Jatta said.
The Wuli West NAM shocked delegates when he said that each time, he sees a contemporary departs he knows that he is next and alerted the young to re-energize their commitment to system change. Jatta added that the congress is in essence the Congress of the young people.

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