The gutted building

By Nelson Manneh

On Friday January 25th 2019, a building comprising three apartments belonging to the Sarr family in Tallinding, was ravaged by fire, rendering the family homeless.

The incident according to Babucarr Sarr who is also the head of the household, started at around 5:45 pm in the evening, when one of the electrical poles behind the house started to make noise. He said it was then that they saw smoke coming out of the house; adding that the pole is where the electric cable that supplies the house is connected.

“We were not using electricity at the time, because the cash power was finished, and I cannot explain how the cable produced fire,” he said. Sarr who was emotional and close to tears, said the compound is owned by their family and it is where he lives with his brothers, sisters and other relatives.

“There is nothing that has been salvaged from the three apartments. The fire consumed all the materials and food stuff in all the apartments,” he said.

Sarr said he is a poor man and lives by his sweat; that he does not have the capacity or hope of rebuilding the house without external support. Babucarr Sarr and family call on all philanthropists, Government and Non-governmental organisations, the private sector and individuals, to come to their aid.

Any Good Samaritan who wants to assist the Sarr family can reach them on the following numbers: 6830936 or ‘Foroyaa’ on 4380885.

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