By Hatab Nyang 

Three people from Gunjur Khan Kunda, loss their lives at sea, when their boat capsized on Wednesday March 27th 2019.

The victims who all hail from Gunjur Khan Kunda, were Musa, Ousman and Ebrima Khan. It is indicated that a fourth person in the name of Mbaye Khan, escaped and swam ashore. Musa, Ousman and Ebrima, are said to the siblings of the same parents except Mbaye Khan who they share the same father with.

According to Jawara Khan of the same Khan Kunda family, the incident happened at around 6 am in the morning; that Mbaye Khan who escaped, swam the sea until at around 1:30 pm, when he was rescued by one of the small fishing boats from Kafountine, who were fishing close by at the time. Jawara explained that Mbaye was taken alive to the health facility in Kafountine and was afterwards brought to his family in Gunjur.

According to Mbaye’s information, the incident happened because their net made a heavy catch; that in pulling home this heavy catch, the boat also started to go down and eventually capsized.

The family ask for help from associations and philanthropist to look for the remains of their loved ones who died from this unfortunate tragedy.                                 

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