The executive secretary of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission has clarified that the $20M President Barrow secured from the UN is not meant for only the TRRC and it is not going directly into the coffers of the TRRC.
Baba Galleh Jallow said the money will be used by the UNDP to fund TRRC projects as well as other projects in other sectors toward peace building.
Dr Jallow’s clarification came after widespread comments that the money is meant for the TRRC directly.
His words republished below, verbatim:
“Information making the rounds that the TRRC has received or will receive $20 million from the United Nations is totally inaccurate and misleading. The TRRC has not been given and will not be given $20 million by the United Nations through the Gambia Government.

All UN funding support to the TRRC is channeled through and administered by the UNDP Gambia Office through their Transitional Justice Program. They do not put the money into the TRRC account. They work with us and support our projects and activities. They disburse the funds directly to service providers, not to the TRRC.

Furthermore, the $20 million mentioned during President Barrow’s visit to the UN is meant for The Gambia’s entire transitional justice program – all the transitional justice mechanisms including the TRRC, the Constitutional Review Commission, the Human Rights Commission, the Security Sector and Civil Service reform processes, etc.”

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