By Makutu Manneh

Almamy Fanding Taal, the UDP Public Relations Officer has told Foroyaa that their code of conduct is not for public consumption.

“We have a code of conduct. It is not for public consumption, but for the party members only,” he said.

He said their code of conduct is an internal document of the party and it’s not to be shared with everybody (the public).

This came about when this reporter approached different political parties to enquire whether they have code of conduct for their members.

The former high court judge indicated that the United Democratic Party (UDP) has two code of conduct, one for the Executive office holders of the party and the other for those elected on the party’s ticket like the councillors, Mayors and National Assembly members.

He added that their code of conduct is for internal discipline of the party, adding that he doesn’t have a copy of the code of conduct.  When asked about the popularity of their code of conduct among the general membership of the party, Taal said: “We expect that when you join an organization voluntarily, you follow all the rules that are there.”

Foroyaa has promised to publish the code of conduct of all political parties. In the last edition of Foroyaa, we published the code of conduct of the PDOIS. We have proceeded to solicit for the code of conduct of other political parties, but the paper is yet to get a hard or soft copy of any of the Code of Conduct of the other parties. We have contacted some of the parties like GDC, GAP, PPP, GPDP and some have made promises to share theirs.

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