By Kebba Secka
The United Democratic Party (UDP), is yet to comment on President Barrow’s claim that he financed the candidature of Coalition parties during the National Assembly’s Election.
On Friday January 10th January 2019, this reporter visited the Party’s Headquarters in Manjie Kunda to seek clarification on whether UDP candidates at the last National Assembly elections were among the political parties that the president claimed to have sponsored or not. This reporter met Doudou Ceesay at the reception desk who referred him to Alhagie S Darbo, the Deputy Admin. Secretary of the party, to shed light on the issue. Darbo who was reached by telephone, declined to comment and referred this reporter to the Party’s Senior Administrative Secretary Lamin Dibba, who is the Minister for Agriculture. Between Friday and Saturday, the reporter visited the party’s headquarters as well as made several phone calls in order to reach Dibba on the issue, to no avail. Further efforts were made to get the Deputy Admin Secretary to reach Dibba and informed him of the reporter’s presence so that he can get his comments without success. Text messages were also sent to Dibba to enable him call back and react on the issue, to no avail. Up to the time of going to press, no comment came from the UDP.
Similarly, efforts were made to reach officers of the Gambia Moral Congress for them to shed light on the comments of President Barrow to no avail. When this reporter visited the GMC’s Headquarters along the Kairaba Avenue, he was told by the Party’s office receptionist Mrs Kejera, that media officers are obliged to fill a form and state the reasons of their visit, before they can obtain any information or interview; that the form is then passed to the Party Leader who will choose to speak on the matter or assign someone to speak on his behalf. However, up to the time of going to press, no comment was received from the GMC.
The PPP Secretary General has promised to get back to Foroyaa after consultation. We have not yet received any feedback. We will publish their reaction as soon as we have it.
It could be recalled that on January 6th 2019 while meeting with the elders of Kombo South, President Barrow declared that he financed the candidature of Coalition parties during the National Assembly Elections with substantial sums of cash. Since then, the public has demanded answers from parties. Thus, making PDOIS, GPDP and Coalition Independent Candidate and Member for Basse Constituency Muhammed Magasy, deny the claim. Foroyaa is still willing to publish any clarification from any candidate linked to the Coalition as well as from State House.

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