By Lamin Cham

The Standard has received information that the United Democratic Party is working on recalling its renegade Brikama Area Council chairman Sheriffo Sonko, who is believed to have shifted loyalty to President Adama Barrow.

According to our sources, the UDP intends to do this relying on a provision of the 1997 constitution which states that if an elected chairman or councilor ceases to be member of the party which sponsored himher in a an election, he or she automatically loses that elected seat. Our source said a similar scenario existed for National Assembly Members but that provision was removed from the constitution soon after the new government came to power, hence the exodus of NAMs from UDP to NPP_ without losing their seats.

However, another source told The Standard that the process must also involve the collection of signatures of the majority of the people who voted in that election, in this case, the whole of the West Coast Region.
Last night The Standard contacted a senior official of the UDP, who begged for anonymity but volunteered the following information: “Yes, it is true that the party is considering something like that. Anyway time will tell”.

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