Samba Baldeh

By Louise Jobe

In a one on one interview with Samba Baldeh, president of the Farato/Bafuloto/Bojang Kunda Victim’s Associations, on Wednesday July 10th 2019, gave an update on the demolition of their properties in these communities and their current situation.

Baldeh said a discussion was brokered with the Estate Company’s CEO Pa Samba Camara at the office of the Governor of the West Coast Region Bakary Sanyang, who facilitated the dialogue between the two parties.

Baldeh continued: ‘‘We have made an agreement which favors both parties and we will have a Memorandum of Understanding with the CEO of Manor Real Estate Company Pa Samba Camara, on how they will get their plots of Land and how we will be reimbursed our monies. We have made a mutual payment agreement plan with CEO Camara and on Sunday July 7th 2019 2019, the Company allocated plots of land to 108 of the victims, out of 300 victims.’’

According to Baldeh, some of the victims will be allocated their plots of land on Sunday; that it will continue like this until everyone receive their own plots. The ‘Alkalos’ of the concerned communities were not included in the discussion because they are not considered legal owners of the said lands.

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