Omar Jobe

By Kebba AF Touray

Omar Jobe, the Assistant coach of Walidan FC, has said that they will continue to fight and they will do the necessary ground works, prepare and work harder for their upcoming games.

Jobe said this in a post-match comments shortly after his side’s 3-1 victory over Samger FC, on Monday at the Independence Stadium.

He hailed his boys for the great performance they have executed which has culminated into a crucial 3-1 victory over Samger FC, following their three times lost in a row.

“We have very good players with good qualities, so the suspended players have disturbed the team, but we still have players who can put on their shoes when they are not in,” he said.

He said the win was significant as it has helped them close the gap to three points, from six points behind league leaders.

“We are there to compete, despite coming from Second Division and Walidan is a big team in the country. We set our eyes on the league and we will do everything humanly possible so that we compete to the end,” he added.

He slams the status quo of some of the football pitches and emphasized the need for them to be upgraded.

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