By Ansumana Touray

Residents of Jamali Babou, a village of about 36 compounds in Sami District of CRR North, are in dire need of clean drinking water.

The village is reported to be going through a lot of difficulties due to water shortage, and residents call for government to provide clean drinkable water to their community.

 Speaking to this reporter, Mr Mawdo Wally, a resident of the village said the people of Jamali Babou have been suffering from water shortage for quite a long time now. According to him, the village is dependent on the only existing hand pump as a source of water.

He said “whenever it has a breakdown, we suffer more.”

Mawdo lamented: “As a farming community, we also have our animals and the shortage of water affects them too.”

“Any time the hand pump gets a problem, some people resort to fetching water from the river at Laminkoto, a distance of three and a half kilometres away,” Mawdo Wally added.

Wally continued that drinking river water is risky and can breed health complications to the community. He therefore appealed to the government, NGOs and individuals, to come to Jamali’s aid by providing the village with a borehole to ease their suffering. 

The Alkalo of the village, Jibril Jeng expressed similar sentiments and is also seeking quick intervention from anywhere.

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