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The head of the IMF staff team that visited the Gambia since the 3rd May to assess the implementation of its ongoing programs, has warned the government to refrain from any sort of borrowing from external donors. Rather, The Gambia should focus on a sustainable debt management policy, and use domestic loans to roll-over the [...]

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Gambia: The toxic Chinese Fishmeal Factory and Gunjur’s Environmental Catastrophe

By Mathew K Jallow It was a bit of a mystery that rattled residents of this quiet coastal community. The once idyllic lagoon, Bolong Fengyo, on the outskirt of Gunjur, 35 miles south of the capital city, Banjul, had turned into a river of blood. And on its banks, plant and wildlife; birds, fish, [...]

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Gambia: Umpa, Tamba court martial resumes

By Omar Bah The defence council in the trial of Generals Umpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba, has filed an appeal before the Court Martial for CDS, Masanneh Kinteh to appear in the trial and explain why the two generals were not in uniform despite a court order for them to be appearing in military uniform. [...]

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Gambia: GDC petitions Talib, Rambo, APRC’s URR candidate

The Gambia Democratic Party (GDC), has filed in a petition against the mayoral candidacy of Talib Ahmed Bensouda of UDP and Ousman Rambo Jatta of APRC with issues they believe disqualify their candidature. The party equally petitioned the APRC’s Basse candidate for chairmanship Pa Amadou Sussoh on the grounds of him being convicted in 2012, [...]

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Trouble Killer ft MLK – Kamangakate Jeet Official Video ( Gambian Music ) 2018

MLK Ft Trouble Killer - Kamangakate Jeet Official Video ( Gambian Music ) 2018 MLK Ft Trouble Killer - Kamangakate Jeet Official Video ( Gambian Music ) 2018 DO NOT RE-UPLOAD source

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Gambia: The Gambia-EU Relationship

By Mona Sutphen Let there be no doubt that one of The Gambia's biggest partners in development today is the European Union (EU). EU has significantly contributed to the infrastructural development aspiration of The Gambia over the past 22 years, constructing most of the important roads that we Gambian are using. But who [...]

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