We wish to announce the launching of a new website, wisafricana.com. The website is in part devoted to activities affecting the local community in Madison, Wisconsin. Of broader interest to the public, is the website’s book section, which endeavors to serialize three books on contemporary social and political issues. Each of the books touches on a different political profile in an effort to add to the understanding of the issues and how these affect society. Introduction to the first of the three books is published free of charge for the information of the public, but in order to read subsequent chapters, a token contribution is required. Except in rare circumstances beyond the author’s control, a chapter of the book will be published on Sunday night of each week in categorical order beginning with chapter one. To access, the website, please follow the attached link: http://www.wisafricana.com/. Once there, the reader can mute of the playing video and turn the volume down. Good reading and come back again.  Mathew K Jallow