The National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation (GGC) has pegged the farmgate price of groundnuts for the 2018/2019 groundnut marketing season at D17,500 per tonne or D17.50 per kilogramme. The farmgate price is the price at which a farmer can sell his or her crop at the secco.
The GGC indicated in their press release issued yesterday that groundnuts may be sold at the GGC depot at a price of D19,000 per tonne. According to the release, the GGC consulted the government while fixing the price.
The GGC has urged “all to take their groundnuts to the CPMS for sale as soon as possible to avoid damage, especially insect infestation as the corporation will not accept groundnuts that are infested.”
The farm gate price for groundnuts for the 2017 / 2018 groundnut marketing season was pegged at a subsidized price of D17,300 (seventeen thousand three hundred Dalasi) per tonne (or D17.30 per kg) and the depot price was set at D18, 800 (eighteen thousand eight hundred Dalasi) per ton.
The GGC release however did not state the number of Cooperative Producers’ Marketing Societies (CPMS) the GGC will pre-finance during this groundnut marketing season, or the tonnage of groundnuts it plans to purchase, or whether farmers will be paid cash for groundnuts delivered at a CPMS secco.
Foroyaa will find out from GGC.

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