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The State Of Public Emergency

The National Assembly will resume sittings today, Thursday in order to debate some very important issues relating to the COVID-19. On Friday, 27th March 2020, President Adama Barrow declared a state of public emergency as a way of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Following that declaration and the fact that the National Assembly is currently in [...]

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‘No Reason To Impose 3 Months State Of Emergency’

By Omar Bah The leader of the Gambia Moral Congress has opposed the government’s plan to extend the state of emergency to three months.This morning the National Assembly will debate over the extension of the emergence to three months. “Executive decisions must be predicated on evidence-based policy or law. So far, there is no empirical [...]

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NAM Challenges Barrow To Donate Salary To Covid–19 Fight

By Omar Bah The opposition Gambia Democratic Congress National Assembly Member for Niamina East has challenged President Adama Barrow to give his monthly salary, even once, as a personal contribution to fund the fight against Covid-19. “I have offered my next two months’ basic salaries to the people of Niamina East. I challenge President Barrow [...]

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200 Families To Get Stay-home Food Assistance

A quartet of prominent Gambian women, assisted by the Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow Foundation, will this morning roll out a special package to help some 200 families as they stay at home as part of the national efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus.The package consists of bags of rice, cooking oil and a D500 cash [...]

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Gambia’s 2 Covid-19 Patients Recovered, Discharged

By Omar Bah Health Minister Ahmadou Samateh last night revealed that The Gambia’s first and third cases of Covid-19 have recovered and have been effectively discharged yesterday.“The first and third Covid-19 cases are declared to have recovered from the decease as confirmed by the two consecutive negative tests and these individuals have been discharged from [...]

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Gambia Must Learn From Covid-19, Dr Ceesay

By Momodou Justice Darboe Dr Ismaila Ceesay of the Citizens’ Alliance has said that Gambia’s reliance on the goodwill of other countries to fight Covid-19 should serve as a lesson for the country to extricate itself from the vulnerable situation that it currently finds itself. Dr. Ceesay, who made these remarks in an exclusive interview [...]

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