Sunland Recording studio is back in operation in The Gambia music industry.

It is run by the Principal producer Hakim, but this time round it is with Hakim’s brother Bilal.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Point Entertainment & Lifestyle recently at his studio in Brusubi, Brufut, Bilal said burglars had taken away the materials of the former Sunland Studio, but he has got some materials which he can use to revive and run the studio.

He therefore expects to produce more songs for artistes in the industry, he said.

The famous studio ceased operation in  The Gambia  in June this year as a result of  “callous burglary” that  caused  the loss of  3 apple laptops, 3 computers and 4 mobile phones stolen from the studio.

“This unfortunate development has greatly paralysed my business, and losing all my recording equipment eventually left me with no choice but to accept the contract the Ndure family (Vivian) offered me in Senegal to work on their upcoming music projects,” Bilal told Entertainment & Lifestyle.

Sunland Studio is now called Sunland B in line with the name Sunland Bilal, he said, adding that his productions are of unique standard and quality.

He said he has recorded a hit song titled “Yaw la Buga” done by Gee and Mariam.

According to him, he has been working with Hakim in producing hit songs in both The Gambia and Senegal.

“At the moment, I am working on Sunland B compilation in The Gambia which will be coming soon. So far I have artistes like E Nyassi, Benjamin, Diha, Gee and lots of other young artistes who will be in the compilation to promote them,” Bilal said.

He called on Gambian artistes to do their bookings with the New Sunland as soon as possible because he would be travelling to the US in two months’ time, after which he would finally settle in The Gambia for good.