Nyima Fofana, a native of Dasilami village has called on the Constitutional Review Commission not to consider maintaining the ban on Female Genital Mutilation.
She made this request on Friday during a meeting of the ongoing two-week public sensitization campaign headed by NCCE in support of the CRC to prepare and set the ground for the public consultations proper.
“The new constitution should not consider banning FGM and even if it’s banned, our community will continue to practice it even if it will mean for us to go to jail because it is our culture,” she said.
Madam Fofana also disagreed with reports that FGM has health implications, saying she had undergone the practice and has given birth to dozens of children without any complications.
Meanwhile, Ansu Jammeh, a native of Dasilami village in Jokadu, North Bank Region urged the CRC to maintain the supplementary voter registration in the country’s new constitution.

He noted that supplementary voter card registration should be maintained, saying witnesses should always be present to ensure non-Gambians are not given voter cards.
Mr Jammeh said over the years foreigners living in the country had more privilege than the citizens of the country in terms of getting access to national documents such as voters’ and ID cards.
“Even during the normal election periods you will see foreigners casting their votes before the citizens,” he observed.

Foday Trawally, a native of Salikenni village suggested for the new constitution to introduce voting for chiefs, adding that there should also be a law to guide the formation of political parties with a specific indication on their sources of funding.
National Assembly Member for Central Baddibu, Sulayman Saho called on people to endeavour to come out en masse during the consultation proper in order to put forward their ideas.
Lang Kanyi, from Salikenni village, spoke on the issue of lands, saying that foreigners should not be given equal opportunities as citizens in acquiring lands in the Gambia.

Mafugi Dibba, also a native of Salikenni village called on the young people to participate massively in the formation of the new constitution, adding that there cannot be any margin for error in new Gambia.
Meanwhile, Ballo Bah, the Village Development Committee Chairman for Wellingara in Central Baddibu called for the introduction of presidential age limit, saying once one reaches a certain age the person would not be able to deliver well.
Buba Jobe of Kerr Jarga called for the introduction of paper voting system.

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