By Olimatou Coker
reporting from Foni Kalagi

Karamo Sanneh, principal of Kalagi Upper and Senior Secondary School, has said that basic and secondary education should be free and compulsory for all in The Gambia.
Sanneh made this remark on Monday at Foni Kalagi at an event organised by the NCCE/CRC as part of the public sensitisation before the drafting of a new constitution for the country.
He further urged the government to critically look at the issue of free education and include it in the new constitution.
For his part, the chief of Foni Jarrol District, Kutubo Sanyang, said the presidential tenure should be made three terms of five years each.
He also mentioned that alkaloship should not be based on elections, arguing that people should maintain the traditional form of choosing village heads.
He added that in the case of citizenship, any child that is born in The Gambia irrespective of the nationality of the parents should be given right to citizenship.

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