By Tabora Bojang
The former vice president and mother of the Coalition 2016, Fatoumata Jallow- Tambajang, has urged Gambians to take ownership of the National Development Plan and work to safeguard the unity that brought the change that ousted dictatorship.Speaking at the launch of the NDP website and cloud platform developed by Point click technologies in partnership with the ministry of finance, Madame Tambajang said there is absolute need for Gambians to work together and build a cohesive body that is tolerant and united in the implementation of the NDP.
She added: “We need to focus on delivering the plan and translating the pledges into viable bankable projects that will provide impact. The citizens have fought very hard and collectively, we have earned our new democracy. The challenge we have now is how we manage the expectations of our people and how we work out these projects so that they can impact on the lives and livelihood of our people.”She further disclosed that The Gambia is already a model democracy but democracy is not just by words, adding that it should also be demonstrated by what the government is doing for the people and what impact it is having on their lives.
“Everything is time and we are a little bit behind time, which has some economic costs. We really need to speed up and work very hard in our efforts as Gambians individually and collectively. We must stay together in whatever our differences,” she said.“I have been humbly part and parcel of this change and I really want to see that at least I have been able to contribute to the implementation of the development plan,” she concluded.

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