By Baba Sillah

Groove Gospel Gambia (G3) Sunday organised the grand finale of the Gospel Talent Hunt season 3, marking the third anniversary since its formation.
The ceremony was held at GRTS, and celebrated in style with gospel music and awarding of certificates to participants.
G3 is an organisation that creates a platform for talented Christian youths to discover their talents, develop, sharpen them and turn their gospel music dreams into reality.
Five finalists were certified and given music instruments as the winners of the 2018 final award.
The winners are: Moses Joiner, Riche Ngel, Agmael Hannah-Touray, Michael Gomez and Emmanuel Gomez.
The founder of the group, Kalusian Udo, thanked the participants for their effort and determination, while challenging them to take gospel music to another level through determination.
Mr Udo said gospel music will continue to inspire young Christians to develop great passion for gospel music.

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