The Gambia College through its students’ union president, Amadou B Jobarteh has thanked Momodou Turo Darboe for his overwhelming support to the college, especially their student week.
“We just want to extend our overwhelming gratitude to Mr Darboe and as well remind him that his support to Gambia College is not a mispriority. We want to tell him that he has supported the right people at the right time, because we are the backbone of this nation that produces 70% of the nation’s workforce,” he told The Standard recently.
He said any part of the country you visit, “you must find a Gambia College product there from Kartong to Koina if not in the Agricultural sector, is in the teaching field or nursing or public health.”
He recalled that in October, 2018, Momodou Turo Darboe honored their invitation by sending a delegate to witness the block laying of the student union complex.
He said on that fateful day Mr Darboe through Saihou Fofana and Kabiro Darboe donated D100, 000 to the students’ union.
“In May, 2018 Mr Darboe also gave us one hundred thousand dalasis when we visited him at his residence in Fajara.”

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