By Saikou Jammeh in Banjul
The UN secretary general’s special envoy for west Africa, Muhammed Ibn Chambas, has confirmed that Gambian authorities are willing to work with the United Nations in the investigation into the 30 December coup attempt.

Chambas was in the west African country on a fact-finding mission over the attempted coup and met with President Yahye Jammeh at the presidential palace.

After meeting Jammeh on Wednesday at the presidential palace, Chambas reiterated the UN’s condemnation of the violent attack which attempted to bring the president’s 20-year rule to an end.

He, however, urged the government to respect the rule of law in handling the matter.

Speaking on Wednesday, Chambas said there is a willingness on the part of the UN to work closely with the Gambian authorities to investigate this in a manner that will satisfy everybody that the facts are known and the culprits are brought to justice with due process and total respect for human rights.

Jammeh was on a visit to the Middle East when a group of exiled former military officers attacked his palace in a coup bid.

It was the country’s 24th coup attempt.

The December coup was repelled, four of the attackers were killed and one was captured.

It is believed about 10 of the attackers escaped and dozens of relatives of those involved in the plot were reportedly arrested and detained.

Muhammed Ibn Chambas left Gambia on Thursday.