By Omar Bah

Opposition GDC leader has expressed his disappointment over government’s calls on development partners to help mitigate the effects of food insecurity that may affect 1.7 million Gambians.
Last week Vice President Ousainu Darboe issued an appeal for assistance from development partners and friends of The Gambia to help mitigate the effects of an impending food insecurity.
Writing on his Twitter account, GDC leader Mamma Kandeh said the Barrow led-administration should stop their “self-inflicted failures and unnecessary begging” on behalf of Gambians.
“I am heartbroken by government’s utterance of the possible food insecurity pre-empting 2018 crop season outlook. But I must say that government must end their culture of self-inflicted failures, begging and dependency driven policies,” he wrote.

He said the government’s announcement is a recipe for crisis that will be marked by an expanding gap between national productivity, economic growth, basic commodity prices and dispensable household incomes for the year ahead.

“The government announcement remains farcical, because there is still no common lexicon, direction and or strategic framework by government in dealing with our national economic problems to bring about sustainable solutions for growth, productivity and competitiveness,” Kandeh criticised.
He said the government has not laid out any meaningful economic vision for The Gambia’s economic development.

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