By Maimuna Sey-Jawo,
just back from URR

The Gambia Revenue Authority ended what it called a ‘mega seminar’ in Basse Wednesday, targeting regional authorities and business community in the URR region.
Matty Njie Senghore, compliance and taxpayer education manager said the two-day event was part of GRA’s deliberate strategy to sensitising the masses on the importance, benefits and the impact of tax payment and on time.
Participants discussed and shared knowledge and other complexities surrounding taxation.
In a statement delivered on behalf of the GRA Commissioner, Njie said the authority is also engaging other key stakeholders like key tertiary institutions in series of programs designed to deepen understanding on revenue management and administration.

URR deputy Governor Omar Sey said at the gathering: “The tax we pay, contribute immensely to the national development plan of this government. They cannot rely on donor support. It is the tax we pay that is used and ploughed back in relation to medical facilitates, road construction, payment of salaries among others. Thus, the importance of taxes cannot be overemphasised in the development aspiration of the country,” the deputy governor stated.

Henry Mendy, a senior taxpayers’ education officer, explained the only reason GRA came into being after an Act of Parliament in 2004, was to create a “highly efficient” revenue administration that enhances national growth and development.

Wang Ming, a Chinese business man, called for improved roads during the discussions as the poor road network continues to impact negatively on their businesses.
However, he praised the revenue collecting body for its attempt to helping people and businesses understand tax payment and its significance to national development.

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