By Amadou Jadama

Sheikh Sidia Bayo, the young Gambian politician and founder of National Transition Council for The Gambia, the self styled transitional government in Senegal opposed to former President Jammeh, has said he has no intention form a political party.
Speaking at a press conference at Djembe to brief the public about the recent award given to him by the European Union, Mr Bayo said his main aim now is to help the Gambian people fully restore democracy and peace. “I am not greedy or selfish despite my political ambitions. What I am seeing now in The Gambia, I don’t have the will to create a political party. When President Barrow was sworn-in in Dakar, I was there and I declared to the Senegalese media that I am going back to The Gambia and I am sure I have a role to play with the coming generation to lead the country,” he added.

Mr Bayo who was decorated by the EU with a democracy and peace award in recognition of his contribution towards the fight against tyranny in The Gambia, said his NTCG played its part in the efforts that resulted in the victory of President Barrow in 2016.
“But the work is not over with the removal of Jammeh,” he warned. Bayo implored the new government to be careful of conflict of interest in public institutions. “We should be very mature if we want to attract investors and prove to them that we are united.”

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