By Omar Bah

Dawda K Jawara, the National Assembly member of the United Democratic Party for Upper Fulladu West, who dropped a bombshell over the weekend alleging that President Barrow has been giving UDP NAMs D10, 000 monthly, has told The Standard that he has decided to speak out to stop any possible act of corruption.
Over the weekend, Jawara shocked the nation including his own peers when he alleged on Facebook that National Assembly members of the UDP have been receiving D10, 000 from President Barrow each month. The revelations caused a big uproar on social media with many Gambians expressing outrage while others doubt Mr Jawara’s claims.
When contacted, Jawara confirmed and stood by his comments.

“This is a new initiative that the president started, but most of the MPs they approached including me refused to take the offer. This is why I decided to expose them to discourage the move because it could promote corruption,” Jawara told The Standard yesterday.
He said his intention to expose it was not meant to name or shame people, “but to ensure that I discourage any form of possible corruption” because he does not see any reason why anyone should engage in paying parliamentarians.

However, when contacted for reaction, the Press Secretary at State House, Amie Bojang-Sissoho said she has “no idea” about the allegation, but promised to find out and get back to us today.
“I have no idea about what you are telling me. As you know, today is Sunday, but tomorrow I will find out and get back to you,” she told The Standard yesterday.

Mr Jawara’s allegations spread like bushfire on social media with some people even naming some MPs alleged to have received the presidential cash, prompting a swift reaction from them. One of them, Billay G. Tunkara of Kantora denied ever receiving money from the President.
“I want to make it clear to each and everyone of you that I didn’t receive any bribe from the President. People should be very careful of such allegations without any evidence or proof to show. I left to Sandu since on Friday and I came last night. Surprisingly I show (sic) my name posted on Facebook,” Tunkara wrote on Facebook.

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